President’s Message;

Indispensable basis of your business life; is to be fast, honest and principled. Since we started production, our most important principles, create employment at the people and is to ensure that for people respect.

In a globalizing world; the cause of successful results of our new initiatives; enthusiasm, endurance, determination, leadership and marketing ability. The initiatives resulting with great success have a common feature. All of them; for research and development allocates a large share of,  the financial resources, steer correct and have to give needed importance to human resources. As Orhun Metal Mining Co. in the growth and today’s success of our company carry within us of the spirit of entrepreneurship and there are a very important its role to canalize to the correct of its delicate balance. Our company, educated, talented management team, to the their field dominate engineers team and thanks to experienced employees has provided of today’s success..

Orhun Metal Mining Co. our goal as, Turkey chrome, bring to the places that is worthy of in the world market, is to provide services and employment to people.


Orhun Metal Mining Co.

Board Chairman

Chairman’s Message Roots,

Extending to 1986 Orhun Metal Mining maintains its position in the sector with its strong and dynamic structure. This continuity is indispensable basis; based, responsible, and honest. While all of this is happening, our country is growing and the raffia has become a pre-condition for us. Our belief in the growth of our country gives us hope and motivates us. The success of our new initiatives and our leadership in this motivasyonumuza Marketing depends on how we play. Our company has trained, skilled management team and dominate their field, makes the mine through Turkey experienced employees to the place it deserves in the world market. We will continue to invest in your country in the framework of our sustainable growth strategy, and we will always bear with you forward and bright days. I give you respect, greetings and love.