Quality Policy

In the mining sector, contributory to the country’s economy, in the awareness of social responsibility, an environmentally responsive company which Orhan Metal Mining A.Ş. our goal as, low tenor chrome ore found in nature, is pulling the tenor tape from %46-48 is to provide enter to economy.

Environmental Policy

Orhun Metal Mining Co. ‘s team of experts about the project and production in environmental policy, with solution partners, in the protection of environmental values  implement global standards and all implementation activities, so as to prevent environmental pollution that may occur to plan and in this direction is to use the necessary resources.

Employment Policy

Orhan Metal Mining Co. ‘s employment policy priority was determined by the development of local region. In the recruitment of new staff, beginning of  the villages near construction or mine site a process is carried out. Accordingly, after determining the characteristics of the personnel needed, firstly into mine the border which from villages later Candidates from the other surrounding villages are evaluated. In case of unavailability of suitable candidates, respectively affiliation district, province and candidates from Turkey are examined.